Wheres The Love! You Jerk :)

When we dated I was special enough to get massages, poems, flowers, and actually looked in the face when I was talking!
Now it's on my birthday , Christmas or Valentines Day when I get any of the above.. Usually he just wakes up the morning of V-day and goes to walgreens to get me some last minute box of chocolates.. How sweet..
The only time we touch is during sex and I'm just lonely and feel like sht.
I really need a hug!
AleaLuv AleaLuv
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awww dont feel like this...this is just like a lifecycle in business terms...after things start to get to maturity you have several options to choose from to again enter the phase of growth....relationships are like this
if you feel he is like this am sure he wud have story towards how you have also lost the touch of being sexy and funny and edgy
you got to evolve but also maintain that edge
get in touch and maybe we can talk more about setting ur life cycle right

HI AleaLuv.
Some me do that as do some women its a two way street a hug says i really loved what we did. When the other half falls asleep its been a long day at work.

Stroke some old flames and then be patient. The cravings will eventually return. Don't worry, be happy.

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Hugs to you. I know exactly how you feel . We do not even hold hands anymore. Heck I would even settle for sex for a little bit of closeness. We have none zero zilch, not emotional verbal mental or physical it is like we are polar opposite magnets anymore. I also know how you feel about not wanting to waste your life it has been twentytwo years we have been together and I am not getting any younger. I do not know what is stronger past history together or the hope for a more fulfilling future. If you figure it out let me know.

Thanks, you all are so sweet and helpful! I finally feel like someone listens to me, lol! Ckirste- I have tried for a while now to talk to him about it but it seems to go in one our and out the other.. the only time he ends up paying attention to me is when we are talking like buddies or after a big fight , so it's just something I have to get used to, or hope to change.. At this point I don't think I can live with the pressure of always feeling like I'm not enough or like he's not into me anymore, well except for sex..<br />
It shouldn't be like that, I'm just giving it time and hoping things change.. It can either get better or worse...Time will tell, and I definitely don't want to waste my life to find out later that things get worse and he ends up having an affair or something

Hoping is not enough. Take action.
If you were to act 5% more self concious, what would you do?

((((( hug))))) this is some thing you have to let him know. on a week end where you both have time off comeing up go get a hotel room on the edge of town for the week end. then right a note tellinging him what you miss and what you would like to do over the weekend and a list of things for him to bring. leave a new pair of panties on the table next to the nolte and say this is the onlyu pair u will have. have a friend drop you of at the hotel wit your clothes, some movies to watch together, and something to spoil each other with. make sure he picks up some things to spoil you though. that way the only way he can leave is with you.