I Wish I Had Someone to Share My Life With...

Its so sad coming home and not having someone to share the joys, the bad, the good everything.  I'm very much the type person that can't wait all day to get home to my love and share my thoughts with.  I miss it soooo much and even when I was with my husband he hadn't cared to really talk to me for months.
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I get what you're saying. You need that love and connection from somebody. I have the same feelings and the need for romance as well. It sucks when you don't have that. It can be a very empty feeling.

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hello dear, i am iranian woman and my last job was nurssing now i amUnemployed i read your Subject . i had hard life and i couldent do every thing as a woman, becuse our calture has many limitations for girls and weman . Despite this situations i fall in love and then married . my husband is very intelectual man , i am furtunate , but after ten years i toke bonecancer i have no more time , my son and my husband will be alone i dont thinck about it .. this illness couldent stop me to enjoy remaining time . with those problems i have hope and love . i advise you to change your mind . Sometimes it gets too late. hurry up! action now . you are a woman !!! go ahead . life is well when you are well . love other things or persons that you think is good for you . we could replace every thing each other Except life . life is very short dont forget . i pray you to have good chance in your life . goodluck

I spent over half my life with someone that I feel like I don't even know anymore. The relationship has ended, which is liberating, but now I feel completely lost and alone. I don't know who I am or who I'm supposed to be. The last time I was without her I was 15. Now I'm 35 and feeling like life is pointless. I know it's not the end of the world, it's just that I suffered in this relationship for so many years without the intimacy that I so desperately wanted, now I'm finaly free and desperate to find someone I can be close to, but I'm in no position to take on a new relationship (financialy, time wise, unsatisfied self-image).

Even though it ended badly you still had someone and life was good for awhile for you, so at least you had that. Myself am 48 years old and I can honestly say unfortunately that I have never had a girlfriend in my entire pafethic life, I had a few dates and that is about it. I can get more into it but I'm really tired. So, when people say there LONELY I always think, honey or dude you have no idea what lonelyness is. Try spending your whole life alone then talk to me about being lonely. Believe me I tried everything over the decades Rich

you're not alone brother, my story is very similar even though i'm younger. I too suffered for a long time because my relationship lacked some very important things. Now it is over, mainly because of those things i needed from the relationship. However i find myself needing those very things even more than before and that need really hinders my ability to get into a new relationship. We broke up 4 years ago and I feel that holding on to the relationship for such a long time when it no longer made me happy has actually made me more needy which makes all relationships much harder for me. I'm a 28, intelligent, good looking, athletic guy and I have been absolutly alone ever since I was 23 (my relationship lasted about 8 years), I'm so nervous whenever i meet someone I like because I had such a rough time before and because I really want someone to share my life with. At the same time my relationship was lacking in many things and therefore I feel like I have not learned how to behave in a happy healthy one and that makes me afraid of failing and disapointing any possible partners. It has been a very bumpy road for me...the way i deal with it is not caring, slowly teaching myself that I might be alone forever, and either way, the best thing I can do for myself, either i'm alone forever or not, is learning how to be happy on my own. That being said, it is hard and it takes a long time to change how you feel in such a way. But it is all we can do man...either that or be ok with suffering on a daily basis. I do believe that even though i want a woman so bad, such a relationship will not be 100% fullfilling for either of us until I'm happy with being by myself. So to sum things up: hope it helps you to know you are not alone and many of us share your pain, try focusing on yourself for a couple of years, improve yourself, get to know yourself and accept it and learn to enjoy your own company. That will make you much more likely to find someone and even if you don't, you have learned to be happy alone in the process

Sorry. I'm right there with ya. I try to keep busy so I don't dwell on it so much, or I would be in the funny farm by now. What helps the most for me is calling up a few girlfriends who are also single and we just talk about our day and what happened, etc, just like we would talk to a boyfriend. Well, almost, lol. It keeps all of us from being too lonely, I will call G one night, J another night, C another night. Sometimes we get together for a potluck, or a bonfire, or a game night. I love the potluck, there is always plenty of food to take home, new stuff to try and a few nights of not cooking!

I know how u feel it's very lonely...at the moment i am fortunate enough to have a man who I can come home to...however though he tries I don't feel i can talk to him and let him into my thoughts and emotions...him being bipolar makes it even more difficult to establish such an intimacy but bless his heart he tries...I hope u find someone...

I know how you feel its a lonely feeling