What I Yearn For

I am at the stage in my life where it is important for me to experience emotional intimacy once again. I want to be comfortable sharing myself with that one special person without the fear of repercussions.

I would love for us to share our secrets, talk about our feelings, sex, without the fear of being betrayed or ridiculed. I need you to be the first person I call when I feel uncertain or distressed and need to be comforted. Want to be able to cry, show my frustration in front of you without you thinking that I’m out of control or weak.

I need us to feel that we can be totally open with each other and to know that I we not bring up past wrongs. They just need to be ironed out, forgiven and buried. It would be great to be in a place where name calling does not exist and we accept each other with all our flaws, no-one is perfect.

I want us to be able to depend on each other through thick or thin.

You will know by my actions that you are loved and I respect you. We need that closeness that strong unshakeable bond. I need someone I can trust completely.

Every day should be like that for us.......
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God that sounds awesome. Someday, hopefully. No paranoid assumptions, no name calling, no fighting - just love and trust. And knowing it's real.

Best wishes, everyone deserves a chance to be happy

Thank you... You are so right about that :)

ur spot on..what is stopping u from doing this all?

Nothing is stopping me.... I just need to be patient.....

ok so you need to patient...usually one tends to be like this when they are waiting for something or they are not ready...what is ur case?

My case is that I'm ready and waiting.... :)

your ready is nice, that is the first step
but why waiting, what are u waiting for, what do u want
what will make u jump into it?

I wait because it suits me. I know who I'm waiting for, that one special person. I want what most women want and that is to be happy. I will jump when I know it's safe to do so....

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You stated your wants...needs...and expectations so eloquently. I know you hit all of my top relationship points. I hope you find what you are looking for. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kassie, all that I want is the things everyone should have. I don't think that it is too much to ask, yet it seems as though it is always just out of reach..... I guess I just need to reach a little further :)

No...you're not asking for too much at all. Life is just so mystifying at times. The way that things are out of our reach...but then eventually click into place. Patience is needed...and when your heart is sore...and your soul is weary...it's hard to dig deep and find it for sure. Just don't give up. That's all you really can do. Keep on keeping. *smile*

Kassie, thank you so much for your words of encouragement.... I will keep on keeping on.... It's the best that I can do for now... *hugs*

what you are yearning for is a noble desire

The heart knows what it wants...

The world of heart is different than the world of minds. Vice of heart might see the miracle.

What a wonderful story as well as very reasonable and realistic expectations.

Amazing and enlightening!

One's mind can calculate but the spirit yearns. The heart knows what it wants (✿◠‿◠)

Very well worded. Thank you so much!

What you have sad goes to the very heart of human needs.
Thank for saying it here and so well.

I'm glad that you appreciated my story :)

sounds like the kind of world i envision..when you find it, please let me know how it is going for you..i wish for that so bad..i am in love with someone whom i think is the guy i've been looking for all my life..however, it can never happen unless we alter the lives of others in either a good or bad way.. but if it could, i think we would bring out the best in each other..and what you have described would be "us"..it makes me sad..

Don't think I'll ever have it all so getting as close to this is as best as I can hope for. Most of us have wants or needs that are far reaching. We sometimes have to make the best of the situations that we are in. What we deserve and what we get can be so different and this can be so frustrating. Many times we do have to change our lives completely so that we can have what we want, unfortunately for some it is nearly impossible to do so.... I'm going to say that if you can remove the obstacles to be with this man that you believe is the one for you, then make that change.... I would love for you to be happy :)

I agree. That was deep and interesting. The impression I received from her writing is very touching! If I was in a relationship as deep as she spoke of here, I would not be writing this response. I applaud you and your boldness to share your in-depth inner feelings with us all. I speak for myself, in time give us more. Thanks, E

I hope that I can, in time, post more meaningful stories. I also hope that you are able to find that deep relationship you deserve. Thank you for feedback.

I'm hoping that one day I will be able to have that "true friendship". To be valued and loved the way I should be. To be put first and not be the after thought. I hope that good things do come to those who wait.

True friendship is when one partner gives good and the other gives better. This is, without necessarily being in contact, as a communion of souls and hearts. Another form of union, first made tenderness and perfect trust. Few friends around us, but each is like a gift of the Divinity.