Creativity Make A Good Personality.[think In Creative]

Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual. I had a friend. He is small, short and also he looks babyish. But his verbal skills are loud, powerful and logical. This matter make him keep on top level of the society. He never shy to do good things. He talks for truth. People afraid of him, he never thought his size or figure will take him backwards. That's my buddy got personality. He always teach me to be strong when i speak to the crowd like in high school or university criticism.  He says you are not naked, you are not telling lies, you showing people to how strong you are or you showing people to truth what u explore.  So being friend of him make me so strong. That thing make me to think out of box. I always think creative. Think in creative, i have no limits. I explore every hole i can. and i make masterpieces what people can taste. designer or artist always  have open mind which can blow in to any small hole and he is that man who have most powerful personality with what way he thinks. This is not a story but this a story. 
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Your friend taught you a lot!

I enjoyed reading your story.

My favorite quote?

"So being friend of him make me so strong."

Brave. That is what I would describe your friend as. Perhaps because he tells the truth and believes so strongly in what he practice and preaches. Yet it takes a certain inner strength to have the balls to pull it off and it seems that your friend has got them and you're finding them. More power to you.

Yes, you noticed that TRUTH has power that can make a
tiny person roar like a lion! Without meeting him yet I
already admire your friend. Truth is also contagious.
Lies spread like a disease, but TRUTH is the CURE!

u r frnd has good personality,,,,,

I agree that personality can make up for a lot. Your friend sounds very inspiring and so do you! :)