Life Used Tp Be Simple

Life for a long time seemed simple. Most things were black and white and it was easy to tell the difference between them. There was always a right and a wrong.

Now some things are simple but it seems all of the really important things are so complicated. Nothing can be addressed without everything being adderssed.

Maybe it is just being older or perhaps I just understand so much more about people.
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Its because what you think is the problem is not the root of the problem. Or that what is the problem now and what seems obvious, actually started from something else, something missing from communication, to intimacy, to respect and the list can go on. <br />
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The problem may be lack of intimacy, touch or emotional, when maybe there is a trust issue and one partner cannot open up or maybe one partner has carried issues from their childhood and doesn't even know it.<br />
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The list goes on. Without some kind of mediation or therapy or willingness of one partner to be this person, to be the listener and non-judgemental one (hard to do!) Often times the issues dance in circles.<br />
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Relationships of any kind are not easy and no matter how old you are...if you don't have the willingness to grow, you will find it difficult to maintain.<br />
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Just some thoughts. :-)

You have a point. Maybe the simplicity goes as we build on things we have done and sttachments in relationships. We build our lives on events of the past and if we decide that something has to change then everything built upon those events falls apart too.

Yep. I love dancing along it. It gives me great pleasure in watching others think I'm mad.

Its all a part of what we call "growing up."

It can't just be growing up...... I stopped getting older at 25...

OMG... how did you do that? I would give anything... okay, maybe not; can I have a do-over?

I know the feeling. It's terrible when you address one problem that leads to another. <br />
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And, where do you draw the line between right and wrong? Often I find myself dancing along the line. At school mostly.

That very line is the only place to be.