Emerged Unscathed ?

If you can read my other story it will explain my interest, and frankly my need, for this. I have emerged from a ten plus year marriage to a mentally ill drug addict. Prescriptions drove her over an indescribable edge of emotional stability. Needless to say during the years I was in emotional survival mode myself.
I was there for a while to accept her love but it never came. An addict cannot maintain themselves much less give the love craved by a passionate man.
Make sense?
I am a fantastic single father with A LOT to offer. I am however stuck in a single parent routine which can be light years from a realistic fantasy of an actual loving touch of a woman. Cheesy but I know my heart. Help is what I want to scream from rooftops, but really I have to check myself and remember my boys. I've been protecting them for so long that I sometimes wont allow myself to be weak; to show that I have emotional needs.
Usually my writing is therapeutic but as I progress through this story I feel increasingly lonely and empty. I need to embrace my passion and have never had a problem with an actual woman. I just don't have any irons in the fire and it is pretty depressing. I am a humble man bu t I must say I am good looking and again have the whole "package". Far from perfect!! I just don't know where to begin.
Love my life with my children and I am not afraid to say I want more. Patience is a lesson I've learned and need to observe now but ladies I feel like I need the worlds biggest group hug. I am all man so that last statement makes me cringe but it is what it is.
doubleell doubleell
31-35, M
May 5, 2012