Love...doesn't Always Means That There Should Be Two Persons!

I learnt! Really love does not necessarily need two persons.
I was in Love, err, I am in Love!
I loved my senior in my college, some 1.25 years older than me. but that's really not the issue in anyway. I discovered her pretty late when she was about to leave the college....naturally I got no time in my hand to set ball rolling! Not even talked to her ever. But from that day she ruled me. Just she was the master of my mind,body,soul. I constantly dreamed about her. It was her innocence that caught my eye!
Then Someday unknowingly decided that she is the ONE for me! & this decision is supposed to be my best ever.
As of now, she is not with me. Wait, stop your Guesses, She is still single! But she is not with me because I never got chance to confess my love towards her. The prime reason was that, I believed that without spending any time with her, how could I compel her to start the relationship. I wanted time for her to figure out that Whom I was literally. Though I had immense Love & respect for her, but that day, when I saw her for last time leaving college premises......I was numb. But not reacted.....instead Planned!
I believe I have great Inventive skills & I am always leaning towards research.....I had my ongoing research (Might be break through). I decided to complete this research & setup my own Business....Surely underlying aim is for fame! Fame not for world but just to reach her....only her! I think that could raise my profile in her heart a little bit. & someday with that materialistic fame I wanted to reach for her....But until I love her......I wish her to be happy in all conditions. & I will love her through all my life ever.....just hoping for now that she should not get married until I go to her!!
CertainlyIWill CertainlyIWill
May 9, 2012