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When my girlfriend moved into my apartment, it felt like I found a wife and I felt complete in so many ways. Everything was going great until life started to happen. I had a high paying job, and she was staying at home focusing on schoolwork and making sure our dogs were ok. She didn't want to work, and I had no problem with it since she was attending school which would help us in the future.

Both of our cars began breaking and I couldn't afford to get them both fixed. My girl was spending money like crazy, and everyday before work and during work she would get into fights with me over money. I told her to 'get a job', which just led to more fights. Soon enough we lost both cars, and that meant I was forced to lose my high paying job.

Without the cars, I began bicycling to work in the hottest summer on record in Texas. The only local jobs paid about half what I was making before, and even my girl decided to take the bus and found a part time job for herself. While we were still making it, she was increasingly less happy and our fights accelerated. Soon, she became best friends with a homosexual male from work...I was ok with it, for awhile.

After awhile, I discovered that through her homosexual friend, she met a single guy that she began talking to all the time while I was at work. When you are with someone for 2 years, you know when their interest has cooled off and diverted it to someone else. It hurt like hell. I confronted her and she violently assaulted me. Compressed two vertebrae in my neck and cut me beneath the left eye. No one ever hears about a man getting his *** kicked by a girl, but I know better than to strike a lady even when being attacked.

Although this was no lady, we broke up and within 2 weeks she began coming around 2 or 3 times a week. I still loved her and wanted it to work. Turns out, my suspicions were correct and she was in fact cheating on me while using me as a place to stay. I contacted the guy she slept with and he told me everything. Best part was a 3rd guy was involved, more on him in a second.

I lost it all, was forced to move back home with my parents at the age of 29, and completely heartbroken that the girl I loved would do me in like that.

This was 6 months ago.

6 months later she is pregnant with the 3rd guy. He lives with his mom, baby mama, and has 3 kids of his own. He openly cheats on her and she expresses her regrets to me...while this poor guy has no idea she still talks to me. Not that I would ever give her another chance after cheating on me, I just feel bad for her because she is alone in a bad situation...although it was her own doing. As for me Im doing just fine. Lonely, but fine.

The hardest part of ending a long relationship, is losing my best friend. I pour my heart and soul into my relationships, hoping to find the one for me. I hate being lonely, not having anyone to share my life with anymore.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Even though she cheated, I know the financial struggles once the main job was lost did us in. It was a tough way to live. After we split-up I was cooperative with her in repaying any money that was still owed, and even sent her $200 when she was stranded. I had two other long relationships where I wasn't cheated on, so I know a good girl is out there. Karma did her far worse than anything I could have dished out on her anyway. It's just the lonely times that are hard to deal with while waiting for a new love to emerge.

Like most relationships that end in a way of cheating/betrayal or just sheer disinterest in one of the parties, it's better to move on with a smile because this is your chance to start over and forget the pain and forget the past. You should try and find someone else but observe your next relationship carefully, learning from the mistakes you had to endure during your time with her. I can only hope you heal, cooperate with yourself, forgive yourself and ask god to give you another chance at loving yourself again enough to start from square one.