The Tale A Heart Can Tell

Would you like it if I… What if I… Can I… Touch you? Tell you that I want you? Show you the beauty that I see, each and every time that I look at you? Can I… tell you about our love? Can I tell you… that I want you? That I need you? I’m living, and my heart is beating… but if you could feel its rhythm… you’d shed a tear, for it’s slow, sad beat tells a tale. It sheds light on my soul, the longing, the lust, the fear, the desires, tucked away, hidden. But… something’s… changed. I can feel your warmth, I can see your smile… I can sense the love, emanating from your being, you radiate it, you give off comfort, your very aura entrances me. Bringing me to a world of peace, a world of love, a world comprised entirely of… you. And my heart. That very same heart that once told a tale of sorrow, speaks now of joy, of desires fulfilled, of a love sated entirely by your existence. Please, I beg of you… lay your head on my chest, and listen… I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can feel it. That you can feel me… and deep inside of me, in my most guarded caverns, you.
PerpetuallyDreaming PerpetuallyDreaming
18-21, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Wow, that's deep.