Roommates Or Soulmates

It's difficult when the person you had planned to live happily ever after. With decides that being roommates is good enough
You long to be able to share anything and everything but they don't seem to be interested, unless ... they are the ones doing the sharing. Now you better give them your undivided attention and remember each word begging for the next word so that you are able to reach that Utopia of communication, complete understanding. Sound like I am a bit bitter? LOL. Perhaps you have pucked up on the fact that I live in just such a relattionship. I have begged for a two sided roadway for communication but it seems it just isn't going to happen
I have had an affair once already because of this very issue and am not ashamed of it. In fact with the right woman I would begin another. Geez I am even open to a one night stand just so a woman would care about what I was feeling if only for a couple hours. What can I say... I'm a guy in touch with my feelings and no that doesn't mean I cried at the notebook or even that I took the time to watch it! LOL So there you go my new friend, a peek down my pants revealing more than you wanted to know. Lol
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You did not cry watching the Notebook? Awww, heartless! Lol

Sparkling you are exactly right. Thank you for understanding.

I couldn't agree more!! Thank you for your understanding.

Seems there are so many in this situation. I know how you feel.

Touching story..

Thank you for your honesty. It is sooo much more common than people realize. And it is painful, hurtful, depressing, and ultimately I think it must be MY fault somehow (I have gotten past this part and take responsibility only for my part). You are a blessed human being, deserving of love and respect. Take care of yourself and all good things will come to you in time. :o)

I've been out of touch for a while, learning how to be happy with a room mate. It's fine now, because I woke up and realized it really is over and just move on. I don't have to move out, get a divorce or anything drastic, just stop pining over what will never be. I'm moving on.

Would so like to get to know you. Ready to move on as well. Would be nice to have someone walking through it at the sametime.

It's really nice to be in this "place" because the pressure is gone. I know it will never be and I'm OK because I've got my friends, my hobbies, my about you?

Yeah just hate what it might have been. You know what I mean?

The good thing is that you never know what is around the corner. Would love to share everything with just one person, but that's not going to happen. Not sure if there is just one person who can supply all your needs. Maybe, but I don't know. The person you thought was "the one" may have other obligations and can't be with you. The other you thought was "the one" has emotional issues you didn't realize. Life is a crap shoot. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and try hard not to hurt others. Eventually you'll have enough life experiences you can pick and choose the ones to remember and fawn over.

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Oh wait. I'm a woman and have similar issues with my husband. He loves being my room mate and doesn't like when I ask too many personal questions. He makes coffee in the morning and does all the grocery shopping. He even does most of the laundry. What do I do you ask? I will watch TV with him. Yup. That's our fun together. I've been staying late at work or stopping off at a wine bar after work just to get some human interaction. I'll go anywhere just to stay away from home as long as possible.