Where's The Love?

Finding it impossible to find partners locally who want to connect emotionally, being out of a truly loving relationship for over 2 years now I crave so much the feeling of a meaningful intimate encounter...Sure pashing and groping in a club seems somewhat at the time to spark some fake emotional clash, but when/if taken further I find It's the same old routine even if it's longer than a one night thing. I believe the females I interact with are either afraid to become emotionally attached in fear of being hurt, or just looking for a no strings deal which I don't understand. They seem to enjoy thoroughly being intimate and want to contact but that reason but but refrain from becoming attached.

I'm a 23yr socially active old male seeking a nice chick and would just love some contact either messaging on here or skype me ezy2rememba1

SpiritedJoker SpiritedJoker
22-25, M
1 Response May 13, 2012

hi maybe we can talk be good friends hah