Always I Should Be The Understandable Person.................

The bond where understanding needs to happen from both ends went wrong in my life.I got married to a person who acted to me as if he understood each and every word that came from me and from the moment we were married he expects me to feel all that he feels and reacts in such a way that my feelings and needs for emotional closeness is not necessary and that i must be the one who is always wrong in all that i do...... My heart has been broken to pieces yet he does not care about it.I am feeling so low that i have no idea as to what to do.
Salork Salork
3 Responses May 16, 2012

Sweetheart, I almost married a guy that it was just about his feelings that counted in the relationship and the day that I was heart broken I realized that he didn't care. I talked to him about how I was feeling and needed his help, his response was he was hurt and click on the phone leaving him just there alone. Even though, I always treated him like a king and loved him the best that I could, the fact that he couldn't be counted on when I was in need of help it just broke my heart and illusion of our relationship; it wasn't as perfect as I thought. I knew I couldn't be happy with a person like that. He indeed loved me so dearly but the fact that he wouldn't put someone else feelings than his I knew it wouldn't work out. My advice is that You need to consider your happiness and importance first before letting someone else define it for you. Think about your relationship carefully and acknowledge the reality of your relationship, would you be able to be happy with that person or would you be unhappy all your life? I couldn't be happy but before I left I thought about him and knew if I wasn't happy he wouldn't either so I needed to break our engagement for the best of both of us.

It sounds like your husband is immature, and it may be that he will never grow-up. Are you trapped in the marriage?

im pakistani dont knw the ruled of england too much but u knw i can take step but i stoped because poor family relative respect n u knw but r living here knows everything plz move on get rid of him live ur life plz i want people live happy who can plz b brave