I Am A Guy, I Get To Emotional Over Girls.

I know its usually the girls who get all emotional over relationships and all that but lately i have discovered that its myself that is the one getting over emotional and over thinking everything. I use to be the type of guy to NEVER express his emotions, i use to be the guy who called other guys ****** for crying and/or getting emotional over anything really. But the move i have grown up, the more i am starting to get attached/ want to express my feelings more and want to get emotional over things. I think its sort of cool in a way.
A girl who i met a couple months ago has really been putting my life into perspective for me. She explains to me that i look for the perfect girl in every girl. I try and turn girls into something they arnt and because of it failing all the time, i get emotional and expect to much and get let down every time. I think it stems back from my first love in high school and my fear of never being able to find someone as perfect as her ever again. I guess i need to stop putting so much pressure on my own life of HAVING to find someone to love NOW. I feel like im in a rush, i feel like destiny is around every corner. Im trying to make something out of nothing.
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1 Response May 27, 2012

OKie! 2 b honest the whole thing "guys cant cry " sterotype is pretty stupid! like girls guys have 2 let out their emotions as well. I mean its nature! rly shouldnt feel so bad that ur wanting 2 express wat u feel :DD. As for the girl u met she is right, if u c it this way we cant automatically think every person we date is perfect cuz in reality no 1 is every1 is different, and instead of setting the goal of trying 2 find the "perfect" one like ur h.s luv, open ur self u know like dont focus 2 much on finding a girl as perfect as her. Let life take it course ya know, cuz u never know mayb shes around u and your probably not noticing for expecting 2 much out of it :3 i know this cuz i intend 2 do the same thing. Just relax :DD enjoy life ^_^ let her come 2 u and enjoy her personality (ya gotta give a chance btw) and dont stress XD i also fear in being alone so ur not alone on that XD i hope this helps