Love Ur Life

It was raining outside.A very stormy weather was awaiting the evening.But the weather inside Room no.304 of Liaquat National hospital Karachi, was more stormy than outside.
Team of Doctors declared to have diagnosed Danial of Blood cancer.Maham was sitting beside him on the bed.The room was huge yet empty except a bed and a stool .
The doctors went out giving them some private time.But before they did,danial stopped them and asked with expression less face “How much time do I have?”
Maham burst into tears,while danial held her hands tight and gave her a gesture to stop crying.
“Well Mr.Danial …you are too lucky that you have been diagnosed earlier…..”
“what earlier huh !! ? “
Before he completed marina interrupted.”It cannot be blood cancer ..not cancer I say.. “ The anger on her face was hiding an emotion of helplessness behind.
“Ma’am a team of fully experienced doctors have diagnosed and…”
“And what??? You Pakistanis cannot do anything..i know you are just telling this so you can take heavy money from us I mean how can a healthy pers..”
Danial stopped her by interrupting.. “Marina you go just go outside the room,let me discuss this with them”
The doctor in conversation became at ease after she left with an angry yet helpless expression.
“So Mr.Danial I was telling you that you are lucky that you’ve been diagnosed earlier and can be treated at our best efforts.And we are calling our team of best doctors from London just for you.We also want to see you healthy soon but this may take time.”
“And please assure Ma’am that we are not dumb people here,we will try our best ...”
“You don’t mind her reaction,she is a bit aggressive and very much in love with me u know so..”
Danial smiled and the rest of doctors smiled too and left.
After they left ,Marina entered with a rush, hugged him while he still laying on the bed.
“C’mon atleast let me sit,now iam not that sick man.”he tried to calm her but she hid herself in his chest and burst in tears.
“What ---is ---thi-s—da—nial.I mean ho-w..”
“ C’mon sweety I know cancer is like a BIG word to digest but dear it’s the first stage ..u know we have got three stages to live through..” saying this he laughed with a weak voice.
”Now don’t be that weak sweety c’mon look at me .” he faced down to her,who was wetting his shirt with tears still hiding her face in his chest.
Sep 24, 2012