Emotional Intimacy

Sex is the easy part. Even if alone you can get yourself through and have some physical release. No problem. Its the emotional intimacy that cant be filled alone. Wanting the connection of another. Feeling what you feel they react and supply you with what's needed. Maybe a hug, maybe a laugh, maybe reassuring you its okay. Someone supporting you because they care how you feel. A connection that binds you together so if you are not feeling good they don't feel good. Together you go through the good and the bad. Having each other makes it all livable and you get through with love. Attention of another is a great gift. Knowing they notice when you aren't yourself. Knowing they want to see you happy. This makes all the difference.
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You right. If I get home from my work my wife can tell if I've had a difficult night even if I haven't said anything. She'll just say "your not yourself" or something like that. I work in a hotel so have seen prostitutes coming in and out, its just sex it has no emotion. I say I want love not just sex, actually I'm not interested in sex without love. :)

I would like that too. But, finding something like that is not easy. Sometimes, I ask me if I am just fooling myself because such thing is not tangible to me.

Its possible. Of course! Just takes time for some and others not.

Totally true!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for writing! :-) :-)

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