Alone On Christmas

Ive been noticing its harder and harder for me to make close friends lately. Ive got a couple friends, but not like when I was younger. It doesnt help that Im single now, and that the only person I thought would always be there left me.. Idk what Im on here for lol. Does anybody else just feel like sometimes they dont have anyone they can really connect to? :/
Sasuke276 Sasuke276
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 24, 2012

I know the feeling. Throughout my life I've always had one close friend that I spent all my time with and talked to every day. My first bessie was throughout high school. But she changed and stabbed me in the back. I've had 2 since and they were all brilliant until the end. But now they're all gone and I'm at the point where I almost forgave them for the unforgivable things they did to me, that's how lonely I've gotten. I'm not at college any more so I don't really have the chance to meet new friends. What doesn't help is I've moved to a new area and no NOBODY. It sucks. It really does. So yeah, I feel your pain dude