My Marriage Is Failing

So me and my husband has been married about 3 years now I'm 21 and he's 26 . He has never been emotional never done nice things for me once he got me flowers on valentines day but he gave them to me and said "there I hope you like them they cost me 75 bucks"... I just want someone to be nice to me I don't care about money or anything just to be happy with someone who gets me and my humor. Whenever I act silly around him he tells me I'm acting stupid and immature . He comes home from work and instead of bn nice he tells this isn't done right or I'm an idiot for this or that.. I can't have friends I can barely leave the house without him making abig deal about it and finding something to gripe about... I'm just lonely depressed and hurt by all of it.
Metalynn Metalynn
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thanks so much for your responses everyone! I didn't think I would get this much support here... yall are all great thanks so much for the advice mmmwwaaa!

Please read this story. It explains verbal and emotional abuse, both of which exist in your marriage. I URGE you to recognise that this situation will get worse rather than better. The only way to be safe and happy is to leave.

If you are not yet ready to leave, please see a Counsellor to discuss your situation and thus get clarity on how to go forward. {{{hugs}}}

Ive been married for 12 yrs and my husband is the same way Im the only one that works i hate him hes not affectionate at all leave it took me 14 yrs to leave dont make the same mistake get out

Metalynn, take note!

You are married to a emotional abuser.

I would recommend the book, Victims of Verbal Abuse Speak Out.

Please do not have children with this man. You are really young, and you can leave and create a better life. Do not waste your youth married to a controlling jerk who wants to isolate you from friends and support.

I cannot endorse this comment more highly. Rose knows what she is talking about. There are a number of well meaning comments on here from people who obviously have NOT ived in such a situation. Please understand that they are trying to help but their advice is USELESS.

Maybe you need to focus on yourself for awhile and let him do his thing. Get a hobby or start a project, maybe it would take your focus off him and make you a little happier. He shouldn't be your only source of happiness, this site is a real help as well. For him to actually pay 75 dollars for flowers says something tho. You can get really cheap ones for 20 so he maybe he shows love with gifts. Maybe show appreciation of him going to work everyday, im not sure but really take care of yourself and make yourself happy

It's nice to see someone has a more crappy husband than me but I'm so sorry it has to be you dear. But he's young babe so maybe some marriage counseling could help him grow up a little. Just don't sacrifice who you are to fit him. Force him to "get" you and you "get" him or trade him in for Sean on the

Get out if you can,if you 2 can'nt work out your issues or can'nt see help.While there is any of you left,leave.It'll only get worse,until you have disappeared.

you really need someone that you can talk to...seems like he isnt acting fun or mature to handle the situation. Like taking your silly acts in a fun way..and turn things around. But sweety its just been 3 years and i think it does take a lot of time for marriage to be understood. I know its difficult but, i advice you to give that extra push to work things out...

"Working on it" only works when there is a level playing field. I "worked" on my marriage for twelve years because people gave me this advice. My abusive husband never "worked" on it for a single second.

You need to "know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em" - and this marriage is definitely one that needs to "fold".