I Want To Be Loved

I just wish my husband would understand that I need to be help and want to feel like he loves me still. For him loving me is just to have sex and that shows me enough. I want to feel like he still wants to hold me and kiss me. I need to be held from time to time and feel like he wants me for me not just for sex.
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You sound like my wife. I work all the time and never have any time other then late nights on some weekends to spend time with her. Im not at all like typical guys, I could easily go a month or longer and not think about sex. She feels like its her and sometimes gets extremely depressed. I feel bad and understand what it is she is upset over but it doesn't change my schedule. We just need the money.

But don't you love her enough to want to make her feel good. You know how she responds to your touch, even if you are not in the mood. Just to let her know you are thinking of her and care. Is that too much to ask?

Oh no, not at all. I do everything in my power to make her happy. I just know it still isn't enough for her

I love him so much and want to reach out and touch him. Sometimes he is accepting but most times he is not. I cannot understand what is so wrong with me that he doesn't want to touch me.

Why do you automatically assume its you?

That's what he asks me. I don't know, he used to love me and want me, and now...nothing.

Its easier said then done of course but if you guys could find some sort of new common interest maybe it would rekindle things. That's my ultimate goal here on this site. I anonymously confessed my secret turn ons to a million strangers to see what the general consensus was about them in hopes to gain the courage to open up completely at home.

We used to have a lot in common, now he just begs off and it is just me and the kids.

Im sorry to hear that. What do you think went wrong?

No idea or I would try to fix it. He cheated, gave that all up, focused on me for a spell and now still has no interest in me.

Oh that's not good........ I feel for you and I wish I had some better advice. Im just trying to fix my issues before they cause a problem. I hope my idea is the right one but I won't know until im comfortable enough to talk about them.

Good Luck with your issues.

Yea you too! I really hope he comes back around and goes back to being the old him.

What is your opinion with my approach to spicing things back up? You've been married longer to me and I don't claim to have things all figured out yet.

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