So, I used to be pretty well rounded as far as interpreting my own dreams. I'm not any more and that may be why I'm posting this story. I recently become close friends with a nice looking guy. The age difference is about 7 years. He started off kind of nice and then got pretty rough, verbally speaking, and it may me feel kind of uneasy. Anyway, after this whole txting thing I fell asleep and had one of the weridest dreams I've had in a long time. In the dream I was in a really nice neighborhood and for whatever reason I was doing the whole "Ease on down the road" dance from The Wiz. All of a sudden the street changed and turned into that part of any city's downtown that you simply don't want to find yourself in at night. I turn the corner and this super cute white guy is walking towards me, and something in my mind said get away from him. I turn around and he's in my face again and was asking me for my money. Needles to say I'm scared shitless and I start handing him everything in my wallet. And this money just kept coming. I had it everywhere. Everybody should know about the trick of hiding money in places that you know you'll forget until you need that extra $5. Well I had a lot of money in every compartment of my wallet and I just kept handing it to him. I thought this **** was odd so I wanted to at least see it writing to see how crazy I was. This should make a pretty good story. Or make someone other than myself a lil uneasy.
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That's the thing about dreams; you have to know exactly what kind of dream it is before you can even begin to "try" and interpret them. Some dreams are just dreams, fantasies taken from your conscious and sub-conscious minds that came from a thought or an inspiration or derived from something that you saw or witnessed. Then you have some dreams that are just alternate realities that your mind manufactures, to deal with psychological issues or possible solutions to situations that it was working on behind the scenes when you weren't paying attention, a stage where it can test it's solutions in real time a thousand times faster. Then there are those dreams that are there to warn us of an impending situation that we should avoid.
If you don't know why you had a dream, don't worry about it, enjoy the entertainment.

I took a dream class awhile back, I can tell you what the symbols mean, but only you can say how they fit in your life. The road represents your path in life.The guy represents your subconscious mind. The money of course represents something you value. In this case I would think that the wallet is your memory, and the money represents your experiences in life. You mentioned $5. If I remember right, the number 5 that it has something to do with sex. personally I have to say I think the going from good place/day to bad place/night is an omen. But it could also be another representation of conscious/sub conscious mind. My gut feeling is that inside you need more information about this new close friend, before things get "rougher" It sounds like a hairy situation, be careful!