No More Lonely Feeling

There is no more lonely of a feeling than to be in a marriage that is devoid of any intimacy. I am in a 33 1/2 yr marriage, and 5 yrs ago she lost any and all interest in me intimately. Ive been her rock, and her biggest supporter. She has denied and resisted any and all therapy; it took my asking for "D" for her to wake up and smell the coffee.

I am not proud to say that i have fallen out of love with her; but it has happened. I still love her, but i dont get excited about her anymore. Not after 5+ years of being pushed away. Ive learned to be very up close, direct, and very personal with her. I have told her "Im not out there looking, but god help me if it happens it happens, im not going to lose any sleep over it" I think it is a basic human survival need to feel intimacy, to feel the touch of your mate. I swear all it would take is for a woman to wiggle her finger at me "come here" and im gone!

But i didnt force her to go to therapy, it was at last her choice. I dont ask her about what happens there. Told her if you want me to know youll tell me. She has issues from her childhood, and her mother (real piece of work that one was), and has the attitude "my dad yelled, your a man, your going to yell at me. Hell, were human beings, were going to argue, were going to yell, do it, get it over with and move on.
txtazman txtazman
51-55, M
Jan 15, 2013