It's What We Hear......

Today and for the past week....I have felt a void......felt like something is's emotional intimacy....that's what I'm missing.

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7 Responses Oct 18, 2008 take my breath away. I adore you so.

As you know by now Lily, we are alike and have the same cravings. Everything in the world can be going right, but without true emotional and physical intimacy, it really means nothing. Those who do not feel this way are who cause us who need it all our pain. Librastar, why not ask her directly. You will drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out. In the end you could lose her anyway, so ask her. TChic, an online relationship can be fun an fulfilling and help fill that intimacy void. Been there, done that. Have met some awesome people, like lily.

Tchic....please don't misunderstand me.....whatever is good for you is fine but for me I feel I need it on a tangible level.<br />
Librastar...I'm sorry I have no answer for'll have to ask your girlfriend. Good luck to you.

I feel I have given more intimacy to my girlfriend than any person I have ever been with. The problem is I still feel it is not enough. I feel she is moving away; what more do woman want? I give of myself with what resources I have, but it never seems to be enough.

In my situation, online would be more convenient ;)<br />
But real life would be idea of course. <br />
<br />
But finding that person and that intimacy is a needle in a haystack situation.

Thanks for the support but I what I really menat was emotional intimacy in real life. Online is one thing but in true life is another. I have found it on EP...but it's not the real thing.

Here Here! I sympathize with that. I'm still craving an intense online relationship and haven't found it yet.