At the Core

It's the primary reason for my existence, to feel close to all those I consider family. Lovers, friends and chosen family, I love to know people intimately. It makes me gray inside to know that a lot of people have an impregnable barrier around themselves. I will not harm you if you are in my life with good intent or bad...I just need to know the real you, your emotions. Emotions and not logic are my spirit. I need emotional intimacy in order to feel a part of my life and yours.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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25 Responses Oct 18, 2008

It's OK to be afraid, but I hope some day, each and everyone on the planet has a confidant. :)

I envy people who are emotionally open with eachother. I've never had someone that I felt I could confide in. I'm too afraid to take this barrier down and have people see how sad and scared I really am. No REALLY knows me.

This is really powerful. I wish people had the coutage to be emotionally intimate. That takes somuch trust and it is hard to risk your feelings like that.

Ar: I hear you on the whole emotional roller-coaster thing. <br />
<br />
We all have our own journey to make. <br />
<br />
TRW: I applaud your innate ability to throw down the walls.<br />
<br />
I can do that too, but only from time to time. <br />
<br />
When I do it, it often happens without my thinking about it.

That's my plan as well!

I plan to go into the darkness and walk around seeing the sites waiting to find out where i come out. Play life out as it goes and not worry about it.

"Turn and face the" David Bowie<br />
You will find your way, Arorin.

I couldn't give you a clear answer to my emotions i have been changing rapidly in the past 3 years. so rapidly that just no one can understand all the changes.

Hello LM. :)

IT's like we all walk around with out communicating+faces of distrust as you say Brutmystic,nice to see you again TheRealWoman. LM X

Luckyyy, I am always here to help the best way I know how.

i agree, its relieving to read words like this coming from other people. for so long i thought i was crazy and that i was the only one who thought that way. everyone around me is so closed off for one reason or another, its horrible.

The seven is supposed to be a type of smile...<br />

I am emoticon illiterate, what is that one, darlin'?


Guarding yourself is OK, snow, but some day you'll be able to be open to all.<br><br />
<br><br />
*singing along to song that's playing*<br><br />
<br><br />
"Stepped out of my shadows, to kiss your soul so full of sky<br><br />
And you know why...<br><br />
A love that has no ending, just joy that keeps on giving light<br><br />
Said that's right..."<br><br />
CHRIS ROBINSON- Safe In The Arms of Love (2002)

Good :-)

Thanks Brut, I throw those walls up quiet a bit at M101 but he has been very patient and we have communicated openly about it every step of the way :)

Snow, there is nothing wrong with that. You should be cautious and open at the same time. It sounds hard, but it isn't.

Let me make an exception for you...Sweet Friend.

Well... I have many lifetimes to know you, sweet Brut, so take it slow if that's your style. :)

Great point Brut, and I can relate well. <br />
<br />
TRW- I do crave emotional intimacy but it has to feel right to me, the connection for me to bare my heart and soul has to be there. I dont want to give all of that of myself only to have it taken away too soon. I am a little guarded in this respect.

I like to feel close to everyone, even strangers if the vibe is right...however, to let someone truly understand my deepest emotions or feelings is hard. I can love everyone, I can accept pretty much everything, I do not put up barriers that make people feel alienated...but true intimacy...only a few people get that. Not out of fear of is very time consuming...and you have to stick around a while...

Bless your beautiful soul.

i agree with you =]..people need to trust more.. because they create tension and distrust spreds .. but somehow love will always be there =]