Q: How Do I Add Video To My Story Or Blog?

Video makes the Story...

 1)  Open your story page
 2)   Select “Edit”
 3)   Open another Web Tab (the blank tab, next to your EP tab)
 4)   Go to the website with the  Utube or video that you desire to copy.
 5)   With your mouse, "left click" onto the desired video to select it
         (you may have to 'left click' again to open the video up)
 6)   Then "right click" your mouse to bring up your 'copy options'

The following options  will appear:
-copy video URL
-copy video URL@current time
-Pop out
>-copy embed html 
>report playback issue

 7)     With your mouse select (left click) the option  “Copy embed html”
 8)     Return to your story (select the left  EP tab) 
 9)     "Left click" your mouse into the specific area of your story you wish to display the video
10)   "Right click"  your mouse and select “Paste” option.

Hope this proves helpful.

DreamWizard DreamWizard
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3 Responses Oct 16, 2011

I can imagine your frustration :) At number 5, I would right-click ... more options or shortcuts ... I hope I helped ..

Your welcome. I know I have been frustrated in trying to figure that one out. So many well meaning ppl gave me directions but the directions were not specific enough. I hope these directions are easy to follow. Let me know if you have difficulty or suggestions on making them better. : )

Thanks, I needed that!