Love From A Mother.

First of all , I am not a teenage mom.

What the title means love from my mom.

From a super young age ,
I have heard my mom said that her favourite chile is my brother among us ( 3 of us ).
I feel that I try so hard to please her.
But most of the time , I get scolded.
I USED to be good at studies. I am not now , but I really have been trying.
But , she always say that none of us is hardworking.
I now always seem to be laughing around her but I really am not that happy.
When I tell a joke , she scolds me to be quiet.
She even asked my dad why i have become like this as I used to be really reserved and quiet.
i don't know anymore..
Does this mean I'm just overreacting ?
Dqwertyzxc Dqwertyzxc
13-15, F
Dec 6, 2012