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My husband had a 5 bypass surgery on Oct. 30, 2008.  Because of complications from the surgery he is partially blind.  We were told that it would take 6 months to 1 year for his eyes to clears.  As of Aug, 13, 2010, he is still partially blind and cannot work.  I just got laid off from my job back in July.  I need financial help bad.  I am behind 2 months on my car payment and another due on Aug. 20.  There are also medical bills and other bills to pay.  Can someone PLEASE help.  Thank you and God Bless you.

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iam amesia first time i seeking help i alway think do all by myself i types person who love help people but what happen when i help alway worst off then how is without nothing no food no cloth no place live no job nomoney down o than not how to be i came jamaica to college and then rent,i pay immgration every ten thousand yrs ,pay mall box,school fees,food ,cloth,transport,renting the room ten thousand, they want pay light billseven, and water8oo, and money toward bath thousand,it worst i encount in my life do talk fees hundred thousand , i thought i had enof money i was dead wrong after setting in i hear all expens afterward i pay part school fee they charge i now becme worry that would not able continuing because i become pennyless mi ticket expir i trouble, on other hand back tand t i haveno place to live iwas mother and they put me out because want study which never had chance too so i left,please i need seriousely help out situation i do now what do would please me i soon i get i will return favour

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I sent this person an email and he returned one to me with a breakdown of the loan I wanted. I am thinking of taking the loan to help pay off the medical and other bills that we have and need to pay off. I will keep you posted and thank you.