Desperately Need Financial Help


I am not sure how to ask for help. I am a person who always helps others and now I am in need of help myself. I am Caroline, and reside in mumbai, India.

I was working full time and have worked at the same job for many years and loved my job. But due to recent recession my husband and self lost our jobs. We two were the only earning members.

This economy is killing us. We are a family of seven, consisting of my 5 year old daughter, my mother in law, father, mother, sister in law, husband and myself. my father is very ill and hospitalized in the ICCU. My mother in law has to undergo an operation. my mother is very old. my sister in law is quite young and we have to get her married. my husband and i are trying to get some jobs, but unable to. We sold our house to pay back some debts, and moved to a rented place. now we are not in a position to pay back the rent too.

Not been able to pay back my credit card bills, loans and utility bills. And now the bank is putting a legal case on me. I have $25,000.00 debts on my head and just don't know what to do. Asking for help is the hardest thing. Have always been known to be good in heart and an honest person. I don't know how I could pay anyone back I am just a person that does give back everyday. Once I get a job, I can assure to pay back small amounts.




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i'm live in west bangal, i have big financial problems, please help me urgent.

Hi I am a middle class teacher. I am in deep financial problems. Badly I need money to survive in India. If any one are interested to help please help my family. Please contact through my no : 9100477919

I am running aschool, badly need financial help.

I need financial help to further my education levels.

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Dear everybody,

I am Sujay from Bangalore . Even I am in a problem after Recession. I lost my Business. if Somebody can help with funds not loans so that I cab come out of my clearances. call me on +91-09980933949. Please send money to my Bank Account only. I am an Indian.

am a happily married man 40 years of age from a very poor background .educated GEC Ordinary level and LCCI group diploma in marketing .worked shortly before i started my cars sales business .i desperately need financial help because due to economic problems and lack of working capital i got into a debt trap which am failing to come out of .<br />
i like to do what i know best ,buying and selling cars .i am in a sorry state schools are opening 15 January 2012 but i do not have a looking for a loan to be agreed on .interest ,terms ,repayment period .the currency is US dollars

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I could help with $2000, please contact me at email:, God bless you and your family and I hope people come out and help you with some money asap.<br />
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Nigel Clements

dear sir please help me. i am in very difficult situation naw, i hope you should help my family and my kids education, please mail me on or call +919890491569. i promises you i will refund your fund as soon as possible.
thanking you.
pravin todkar.

Please, I'm desperately in need of financial help right now. We lost our jobs for about six months and we've been looking for jobs ever since, and no luck. We're behind on rent from last month and this month, and so as our car payments, plus gas and electricity. We used up all our checking account to pay bills from March, hoping to get jobs but still no answers yet. So, please, if you could help us with a loan,we promised to pay back every pennies when we get jobs. Please please please, we don't wanna go to the welfare, cause we're capable to work. It's just a matter of waiting patiently for a call.