Problem Faced In Bangkok...

Well i am 17years old guy went to bangkok to settle down there with my mom dad and 2 younger brothers,we expected alot to be done there but somehow we were said that we can not get permanent visa because we are pakistani,and we reach there in bangkok to settle we been having lots of problem by our familes and other fellows so we left our country and try to get settle a middle life in any other country but it didnt happen so and we are back with almost nothing,i request someone if any one can help me financially so i can study a bit and support my family,my dad work and earn few to get some food on table he is not that strong to give us education,if someone can do that ill be very thanksful and i can either pay back once i be able to earn good i am in 10th need 2 years to be good enough to earn by hand.Thanks i can provide anything to prove im orignal please trust me and try to help me.
jivix94 jivix94
Apr 4, 2012