Dont Know Where To Turn

I am a 43 yr. Old woman and mother of 6.I was beaten and emotionally abuser my ex husband for 2007 I divorced him but didn't want to hurt him just wanted to stop being hurt biggest mistake I made.he didn't want to leave the family home and shortly after the market fell house was upside down.he met a woman who he started seeing but didn't say a word to me about it when I found out he was left.woman came to my home and basically was staking clam on him toldjy daughter he beat cause I provocked him I should be greatful for the 844 he gave me for 5 kids etc.needless to say he came back home 3 months the last 4 years he has continued to see her and even left us for her in 2010.looked his daughter in the eye and told her he was confused who he loved after she took our 3 daughters to court and tried to have a judge take my kids from me while he was in irqq.he was sleeping with both of us he hurt me too and not once did I rebel against her family.long story short my 11 yr old saw her dad return from Iraq on tv hugging her I took 132 pills last yr in a suicide attempt because I feel my kids r better off without me.he left again my credit is ruined and I have no where to take my kids when house forclosures in 80 days.we have no address for him and I have been put on court ordered treatment for depression he choked me in Dec and I hit back and he called the cops and had me arrested I have a record now from a man who kicked me like a dog choked me countless time told me how fat stupid I am I have lost my power as a person where do I turn someone help me.please
atmyend12 atmyend12
41-45, F
May 18, 2012