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In Desperate Need Of Help

I have just been denied for social security benefits after waiting on a decision for five months,now I have to apply for an appeal which I have no Idea how long It takes,I am 57 years old and have been out of work since november 2011 because of major deppression,buldging disk in my back,pinched nerves in my arm,deteriating disk in neck,and bad miniscus in right knee,I feel so hopeless,I have no one to turn to,the person that I live with at this time has been asking me to find some where to stay,so Im also facing homelessness,so If anybody can send at least a dollar to my paypal account at it would be so appreciated,god bless.
thebenjamin thebenjamin 56-60 1 Response Jul 25, 2012

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thanks, and youre right about the scammers because I know some.