I Hate To Ask

My life was going great until the rug was pulled out from under me.
I am college educated. Worked as restaurant and building managers, lately i can't even get an interview.
Well there is no more savings, no one to get a loan from and the credit card is almost maxed paying the monthly bills.
I rather have a job then to be writing this, but I said why not. Maybe I could get a few months of housing assistance till i get onto my feet.
I have down sized , sold possessions. unfortunately I have a car payment which does not help along with the credit card monthly which is what paid my bills till now.

If my angel is out there PLEAS HELP NOW before I am on the street with nothing.
I only asking for help for a few months so I can catch up and find some kind of work. I even thought as going as far as prostitution, but my conscience would never allow it.

I dont know if i can include my address or not but if my angel is out there please come and help me. Thank you.
606 Harold 12
Houston, Tx
helppmme helppmme
Aug 20, 2012