My Story

First off let me introduce myself my name is Pam. I am I parent of six children. Inwhich four I have took custody of in the last year. My steppdad passed last July which he had no insurance and he had custody of my niece so I got custody of her in March of this year. Then in June I got custody of the other three girls. In Sept my sister passed we buried her the first Saturday in Oct she had no insurance. I got little her maybe 500.00 to help but it's ok she would have done it for me but between all that it drained all my savings I took out loans then I got my hours cut so now I have five girls an one boy that won't be getting Christmas and we will be losing our home cause I can't pay everything and can't get a loan to cover everything. I am not asking for a handout will sign papers to pay someone back starting in February cause after tax time it will get me straightened out. I just need help so we are not out in the street and totally without. You know everyone it seems like has family to turn to I use to but not anymore both my parents as well as my stepdad and both my sister's are deceased so it leaves me. All my grandparents are deceased so I have no one to turn to but strangers kindness and hope they care. Thank you for reading my story I can prove all I say is true if anyone wants proof. You can reach me if it is allowed at 865-908-6768 or spamels@ Again thank you
spamels spamels
46-50, F
Dec 5, 2012