My Children Will Not Have A Christmas

Hello and I am posting a need for help. My children and I need help with our rent this month so that they can have some kind of Christmas. I have one more paycheck this month and it will all go to rent leaving my children without a christmas. I have four wonderful kids that deserve better than that. I work but only part time even though I beg for hours I am limited to what I can work, because of this. I am greatful to have a job but it is just not enough, I have tried to find other work and I have tried any one and everyone to find help but there is none available or it will be too late for the help. If I don't pay my rent we will get evicted if I do pay my rent my children get nothing. I was hoping to find someone to help with my rent so I can buy them what they want but if I could even get someone to help with gifts that would be great also. If you are willing to help please get back to me, thank you and have a blessed day!!!
mollieb34 mollieb34
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I am right with u. I have a good job bur not enough. My car just got towed last night. I have 4 girls from 13-4. They will not have a Christmas or a vehicle for me go to work , school ect. I am late on rent & now no vehicle.