I Cant Go On Like This Im Losing Everythng

hi if there any-one out there that can help me in any-way
i am 42 i live in a housing ex house with my two boys
i cared and looked after my husband for eight years
who was waiting on a kidney transplant but during
that time he had two hat failed within two days
he then took heart failure and we lived life
day by day just hoping a kidney would come on day
he loved the boys but regretted he could never have
the energy to play with them football or anything
then one day he took a pain in his leg i rushed him
to hospital and within hours he slipped into a coma
the cause was blood poison he died two days later
i cant tell you how this was for my sons and myself he
was only 37 ,life was very hard after he died i had to
look for work to keep a house over are heads after years of working many
different jobs im now here today with nothing i have no job no money
coming in and now been told im losing my home ,im asking for help from
any-one please just to life i cant find a job anywhere and am not entitled
to jsa as i have used my cjsa all i ask is for help from people should in be 50p
to pound im not a beggar but im in need of help so much thank you
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 9, 2013