Financial Problem

Im Caren, i want to share my hardship feeling due to financial problem... I know that God is the most powerful provider for all our need but i want to release this very heavy problem here, cause i know that God will give me hero by his power. I have 1 year unpaid mortgage house and 1 year monthly payment in lending investors.We are both jobless of my husband and my daughter in primary level. I really need help for my bad situation, this problem cause of illegal recruiter that charge me a very big amount going to hongkong for domestic job, and unluckily my employer didnt give me right food and untreated me, that push me to resigned to my job in hongkong. Its very hard for to recover cause i still have inpaid lending. Please help me to move on and recover back to normal life...

Thank you very for your time reading my story.
God Bless!!!

carenden carenden
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

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