i'm fairlyl new to the computer and internet needless to say i was scammed for $1850.00 and i was just laid off i'm about to lose my car and my place to live im looking for work but even if i start tomorrow i won't be able to pay my bills on time like tomorrow. i am willing to work for some instant help! please, please, please!
51-55, F
2 Responses Aug 22, 2013

If you make some extra cash or earn money online you can go here:

hun i am a member of the empower network and i have been helping people for years on how to make money from home. which is searched so much from single mothers and people financially struggling. i may have a way out for you! please check this link out. it has help thousands of people just like your situation! but i wont lie. it is hard work and you do have to learn! scams promise you the world but never give back. they dont give income disclosure and they leave you behind empty promises. trust me i know. ive invested into tons! and the greatest thing it is not only about making money. its a family. a community of people who want to uplift and empower people like us! lets walk together through this!

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