The Contrite And Penitent Heart

The Word of God is convicting of sin and the evil within and only the contrite and penitent of heart who have emptied themselves of pride will bow their stiff necks and admit: Lord it is true! I am a sinner, and the worst of them! For I have told lies, I have lusted, I have hated, I have stole, I have coveted. And I am thusly a lying, adulterate, murdering, coveting thief. Lord forgive my sins! For I cannot forgive them. How can I cover over such things, they are there forever against me. What can man do? Lord you have sent your Christ to die for these sins, his death for my life, his blood instead of mine, his sacrifice covers my sins. Blood for blood, but only the blood of the Christ, The Holy Lamb of God brings atonement.

The5Cs The5Cs
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I love this post. I have sinned too. Its not like I am a murderer or anything but I have done a lot of stuff that I know has caused misery to others and was wrong. I was a bully at school, I am still a thief (albeit of the petty kind), I am slothful, selfish, deceitful and a liar. I am proud and consider myself to be somehow achieving something if I can get something for nothing from others especially through breaking the rules.
Lately though I have felt "presence". Events in my life have told me of something higher than myself. I cannot say for certain what that "something" is and I'm not going to lie here and claim to know the exact identity of this "presence" but it is powerful but essentially good and wants me to reform for my own sake and for the sake of those around me. Sadly, like a fool, I have resisted through my own pride. I saw/see myself as some sort of anti-hero in the movie of my own life, a dashing maverick who gets ahead and wins even if , or especially because, he doesn't play by the rules. Lately though the actions of this "presence" has acted as a mirror of truth held up to my own sin, and in it I see not a dashing debonair anti-hero cheekily cocking a snook at the powers that be but a petty thief, a lazy good for nothing who shirks responsibility, a man-child and not a man, irresponsible, selfish, ignorant, idiotic, immature and at times just plain nasty. I want to repent, I seek forgiveness. Most of all I want to stop being this idiotic fool for my own good and for that of those around me. I wish to renounce my sins, apologize for them and foresake them not just to appease this presence but because the most of sins I commit now repulse me, I see the effects they have on others and I regret this, I hate the way others view me too. It will take time, some of the material benefits of the sins I committed are hard to give up and the adrenalin thrill of pulling a swift one is as addictive as a drug but I know I must repent, make amends and forsake the wrong I do. I hope this presence is patient and prepared for me to fail for time to time and will give me the strength I need to overcome my addiction to sin. It is going to be a long and arduous journey to become a better person. Here goes!

(N.B. for the original poster, (The 5Cs) I am also currently reading the 3 books of Dante's Divine Comedy, they are very good and I am on "Purgatory" right now which is very illuminating and you might find some food for thought in it).

Amen, it is only the blood of Jesus that atones for our sin.
Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you recognise where forgiveness of sin comes from.
May you have a close, deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ forever,
and enjoy the blessing and hope of that always.