Looking For A Best Friend :)

Hiya, I'm 25.F. and I live in Orlando Florida and I'm looking for a BFF :) I just moved from NY so I don't know too many people. It seemed after high school all my so called BF's vanished into thin air. I a sweet person, friendly and easy to get along with :)
Well send me a note if your looking for a friend . . . ttys.
MsFox MsFox
22-25, F
4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Hey, I'm slightly west of Orlando...if you want to be friends :)

Hey Rodscupcake your profile is private so i cant send u an email . . .give me a hit sometime

hi i'm a little younger than you but i think we could still be friends i also live in F.L. so just hit me up if yu think thats okay.

im looking for a friend as well and thoughmany have laughed at my "loopie" name, I really am a lonely person looking for a good friend. Here's to hoping we could at least be online friends.