Good Friends Needed

Hello there, through out the years I've been wondering why is so hard to find good quality friends out there in the world. I've met with a lot of people, the worst part of it all is that for reasons I cannot understand those people mostly use me to get something in some way and then end up abandoning me once they obtain their goal. I've been betrayed on other occasions and words can even describe the feeling that you get when after you try to be the nice during the suppose friendship, then suddenly the person does that to you. I ask myself what drives people to do that, leaving you only with the feeling that you done something wrong and or something's wrong with you. I ask you if you have felt this or something similar or you just want friend or someone to listen to you, I am a more than willing to be that person, so anybody interested, just say the word.
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I hold no expectations of people in the first place.<br />
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For example, if someone needs money and I decide to give it to that person as a loan,<br />
I give it not expecting to see that money returned to me ever again.<br />
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I try not to burden others with my problems and I flat out refuse to ask for help with things I can easily do on my own, because I do not like owing favors. Not that I really give a ****, but people almost always expect something in return at some point. I guess that makes me a cynical bitter person in most people's eyes but that's just who I am.<br />
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I am always available to listen to people's problems and to offer advice because I like to listen to people's stories. What moves them, why do they do things and how did they come to be who they are today. I firmly believe that you are what you experienced.<br />
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In that light, if you want to talk I am available. I might live near you and you will likely never meet me face to face but know that there is always someone out there who is willing to listen to you.

in a way everybody uses each other in some form or another.

Yeah, I feel the same way too. I have this friend who is like a brother to me. I supported him in any way that I can. when he was in need and when he had all sorts of problems. But when things turned the other way around, I felt abandoned, Nothing hurts more than being betrayed or rejected of your best friend. Some things just happens that way I guess. Life sometimes isn't fair. But one thing that I'd really like to stress is don't feel bad about yourself, it's not you who is the problem. One thing I've learned is not to end the friendship is a way that you will end up hating the other person or that you get mad at yourself and everyone else. It's not healthy. Instead look at things in a positive angle. Maybe God had intended for these things to happen so that we may get deeper perspective and understanding on the things. I see that you are a really good person and is capable of giving unconditional love to a friend and that's good. Keep it and if you need someone to talk to about stuff every now and then just IM me or send me a message.

"the word" :D I'll be your friend.