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Hi everyone,
I am here to say that I am looking for honest, true and life long faithful friends. I do stuggle with Social anxiety and have a really hard time going out in the public to meet new friends. I do have a big heart and love to listen and help others with all that I can and do. I have several things that I do stuggle with majorly in my life and often wish that I had that someone close that someone that I could spill my guts to just to get it all out and maybe feel a bit of relief. I hope that you all out there will give me a chance and open your hearts and yourself to friendship with me. Hope to hear from you all soon:-)
PS... If I cant figure out how to add you to my friends list at first give me a chance I am sure I will figure it out soon enough. Ha Ha
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Hi I'm a social misfit too. I have family in the area but seem to have nothing in common. My only social activities is keeping my 84 year old mother company and its starting to wear on me. It would be nice to vent with someone or just chat or meet a true friend to travel with.

hi, well i just started this group thing, its my first and i read your story and well its hard not to have someone to talk to and spill your guts out and listen to people feed back and have that connection with you know.. i can't say i know how you feel because i have amazing friends and i wouldn't change them for the world but i hope i can help you out and maybe you can join us.. im glad to be a friend and here your story your life and talk about it all .. i don't know how to added people so if you can try to added me that would help but ill do my best to figure this out :)

Join a boot camp wilderness aerobics class, rock climbing, canoe the fiords of british columbia, hike/bike Denali/Alaska meet Morton the Moose....have a few Coors Lite beers...do smores around the campsite share truth or dare; do a Lakota Sioux Sweat Lodge Ritual....Now these events are just 4 starters to get ur attitude right....let's follow ur progress..Ur Journey Is Ur Destination..Ahhhhh Beautiful Utah.....Trade U..Am here in Chgo..where we vote early and often! signed..a 70 yr olyde young recyled retiree...

i am kinda the same. i am a really nice person who would do anything to help a friend, but yet it seems like no one wants to be my friend. i am also kinda shy so it is sometimes hard for me to make friends. but if you wanna talk to me you can :)

Your age has a lot to do with not many friend here on EP. Most people can not even contact you because you are a minor. You can view us but we can not view you. EP has it set up that way for your protection. This the only way we can chat is under these circumstances. When your age bracket is 18 or more then the rest of the site can reach you. FYI So this is why few can become or request to be friends. It is not you.

i didn't mean i don't have friends on here, i meant in real life

Oh ****, that does suck. Most all of my friends are electric. As in an EP friend. Computer people type. There is no one I get to go see.

Email me @ smokeydoggy@ymail.com I'll b ur friend Angie

Adding someone is easy. When you click on their avatar and go to their profile under their avatar is a add button if you want to add that person to your circle of friends. If they have already added you you get an email on your mail page that says you have a new FAN if you *** them they become friends then you can look at photo if they have any posted on their profile page.<br />
<br />
I trust that will help. There are a few other ways to also add them as friends but what I have told you will work for now. By next week you will be an old hand at this. Enjoy.

You can add me as soon as you figure it all out. Thanks. The what ever you need or want to talk about just start anywhere.

We can blame social networking for part of this. I read a fact that said "social anxiety is up 60 percent since the 1960's"

I struggle with slight social anxiety as well, but due to some changes in my life it's sort of forcing me to interact with others on a daily basis so I think I'm slowly overcoming it with that. Any way, welcome to ep! You'll find this place is a great place for an outlet, or for support with people who have been through similar experiences you have. I have added you to my circle :)