i dont no if im on the rite site,as i was looking 4 people 2 talk 2 about being raped!! also my partner of just over 3 years sneaked out at 6am while i was sleeping last week!!someone that i thought was my soulmate,saying he couldnt live without me.even tried 2 hang himself once,i saved him from that,then he burnt his hand with a cigarette about 9 times,scars that will never heal!!!! i trusted him so much i told him about being raped at 15yrs+then in my 20s,as he said we were soul mates+we would be 2gether 4 eva!!!what a crock o shite,he's now 38yrs old,we just got a council house 2gether 3months ago+he left 2 go back 2 mummykins,his dad died last july +his mother came in2 alot of cash+left all his belongings went wi the clothes on his back!!!!he's back staying with his mummy,ive recentley been told ive got bipolar+most days im paraniod 2 go out the door on my own.ive got a 7yr old hansome boy,justin isnt the father!!!! i just feel like im totally alone,ive no friends as ive just moved in2 this area+the ones i did have i lost cause that piece o scum left me 7times+i stupidly took him back cause ive never lived on my own i lost all my friends i made up here cause i kept taken him back!! I no how stupid!! I was always 2 scared of being on my own as my rape scars will never heal.Sorry 4 going on 2 much i just need someone to talk 2 who's been threw similar shite as i have.Hope ive not went on 2much,lonliness is a killer..debsx
sexychick1975 sexychick1975
Oct 7, 2011