Friends Needed

my bestfriend has moved away, and im now realizing, i dont have anyone now.
my support system, my other half, my goofball is gone

on the search for someone who will be here for me.
of course it wont be the same, but change is goodddy
maddymariexo maddymariexo
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 29, 2012

hi frnd, am karthik frm south india here myself also tooooo lonely.<br />
i was in lov wit a girl she also loved me truely and after she went to college she found a guy he s cute n richer than me, then she simply said bye to u forever am nt suitable fr u n she avoided me...,<br />
i felt to die....,<br />
really i need a frnd to wipe out my tears..

I'll offer my friendship in whatever way I can. I'm sorry to hear that you're lonely.

its not easy to find best frnds but best of luck...hope u will get soon..