I Have No True Friends. So Tired Of Just Sitting At Home Everyday...

I'm 22. I'm in art school in Georgia and you would think that being in college would give you plenty of opportunities to make friends but it does not. Sure I have "school friends". But I don't have any friends who I can actually hang out with on weekends or talk to or share things with that matter. I am so bored with my life and I thought these were supposed to be the best years of my life! I just want at least ONE close friend that is really there for me and who has similar interests as me who I can hang out with and have fun with. I've tried so hard to open my self up to people but none of them are the right fit or they are just too busy with their own friends or their significant others. Most of the people I meet are friends with the same people they have been friends with their whole lives so they don't need me...I have a boyfriend and I love him but even he has plenty of friends and so I feel like a loser when he invites me to hang out with him and his friends because he knows I don't have anyone else to hang out with! I'm so pathetic...I'm starting to think there might just be something wrong with me...
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i was always the kind of person that seemed like i had alot of friends to other people but only really had 1 or 2 close friends. (although i don't really have any currently, so I feel your pain) but my point is that after I graduated college i realized that alot of people where like that. They only kept up with their very closest friend. It sucks to be in the place you're in but if you can find one friend just don't take them for granted and remember the way you feel right now if you ever do!

hey i know how you feel. just try going through all that while homeschooling. be glad you still have your "school friends"