Looking For New Friends!

Hello. I am, obviously, a loner; with absolutely no friends. I've always lived alone, hated by everyone. I would like to make some friends over the internet. I, though, would like to be in contact using blackberry if possible. Loneliness is killing me. Oh, I am from Qatar, by the way.
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

I used to feel the same when i first moved in doha.
but eventually i found riends and they are amazing!
the fact that the country is full of expats, and are all looking for fun and friends to hang out with, you'd find it easy to find friends and people to really go out and even find good friends!


people aren't very friendly here...

hi, are you originally from qatar? or just moved there? what do you mean when you say people aren't friendly? is it that they are not friendly in the way that they won't hold the door open for you or in the way that if you're at a club they won't talk to you?