Lonely At Times


I would like people to talk to. The few people I know are all too busy. I have some anxieties and pretty much out of a deep depression. I am getting better. I live in the middle of nowhere and going to the store, mall etc takes about 45 mins. so it is hard to push myself out. I am nervous about driving at night. I am shy at times. I think too much. I love to read although haven't been doing that too much. I don't do much of anything. I am hoping with the nice weather coming that I will push myself to get out and do something. I like to share opinions about almost anything. Hope to hear from someone. And I hope everyone is having a good day.


Cassandra Cassandra
51-55, F
3 Responses Apr 11, 2007

I am lonely too... Most of time i spend at work and home.... I need friends to share feeling

I am lonely too.....I stay at home alot, I would like to meet people...

Isolation can be anywhere, I am surrounded by people, yet still alone... I used to have an online Canadian Friend who chatted in rooms where people of a certain locale hung out, way far away from her. She said it was because they were "friendly- or friendlier". But times change... *sigh* ~cheers to you, Cassandra.