Tired Of Being Alone

I have always been a person who likes my own space but lately I am starting to feel very lonely even though I am in a relationship. I live with my dad and he is hardly ever at home ( I never see my mum me and her have a really bad relationship). I used to be content but lately I feel like I will never feel content again.
I used to have a small friendship group but they all smoked and went to parties and were all stuck up like you had to like their music their tastes or they would take the micky. I was relieved to move away really and since then I have struggled to make friends, I am not a very sociable person I am a bit of a recluse really I suppose I joined this site to talk to others who feel lonely and fed up so if you want to talk message me :)
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6 Responses May 29, 2012

'all the lonely people, where do they all come from'- name that song and you win a prize of friendship..

you just be yourself and don't worry about anyone else- I know how you feel..

Hey were all here for you if u feel like talking Iam a great listener

Hi, i can relate to what your saying, i have recently moved but for other reasons and feel lonely. If you ever want to chat or anything then message me any time :)

Sometimes I too feel lonely, I have friends but they are just people to interact with in order to be updated about my studies etc... I don't have real friends with whom I can share my feelings, thoughts etc..... So sometimes it becomes hard to cope up with anything in life.. Whenever I feel low, I don't have anyone to talk to.. It kills me from inside..though I keep smiling but inside I'm crying... I just try to keep myself busy with my studies and now also thinking of joining guitar classes, and want to do lots of other stuff. Maybe I'll get a frnd or if not I'll get people to interact with.. <br />
Isn't this feeling of lonlyness leaves u isolated?

yes totally! one day i would like to be more confident in myself and have confidence in who i am but i can't see that day coming ! :(

U will... Definitely..! U just need to know that we all r human being.. Doing or not doing anything is first created in our minds then it happens in reality.. just believe that u can... it will not happen instantly but gradually it will.
I know saying is a lot easier.. I myself is trying to think this way, lifts me up sometimes......:)

thanks i do go out and bike walk etc i feel so much better if i do :) takes your mind off things