I Need Better Friends

it seems lately that the people I hang out with are two-faces and for the whole time I've known them I've only seen the first. it's very discomforting realizing you dont have any friends, just aquaintences, and that theres nobody there to confide in.
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Oh my god that is VERY TRUE!! i hate them as well

We have all suffered one way or another, thought we had a friend or friends, to find that we were alone. I believe that there are no true friends in our lives, either childhood or adult...people grow apart and values change....we are always alone....you live day to day....wake each morning to know that no one truly knows who you are...or even cares....I have had friends....I have had children...and I have had mates......friends went their ways.....Husbands went astray and children grew up......there is no wisdom....there is no answer.....there is hope that one day...there might be someone you can trust....but that day never happens....for me I would like to hope my Mother is my friend..but then again I've already felt a mothers betrayal....good luck....Just to let you know ..I would be a good friend....and I know what its like to really need a friend....

I know exactly hw U feel I generally feel the same way but don't dwell coz ull eventually find someone you can trust to b a friend

If you have ever seen the movie, "RAY," then you will know that there will be people that will be on your side at the bottom of your life, but will betray you - due to envy - as you ascent. <br />
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I am sorry, but I really do not trust any human anymore. Maybe, just maybe, I never should have extended trust in the first place. The people whom live well, on this Earth, are not "rule followers" nor "oath upholders," but rather their opposites. If you steal two trillion dollars from the American People then you are a genius banker. If you steal $20, you are a peasant and you go to jail. <br />
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Maybe, the urban peoples have it right. Do not get me wrong, I am not being a racist. What I am saying is maybe they, through tragedy, have figured out what the rest of us have just now realized. "Get rich, or die trying." For many, it was an offensive slogan of a movie, starring 50-cent. But, in reality, if you are born into an environment with limited resources then "playing by the rules" will almost definitely not lead to a good-end. Maybe, they have figured it out: have the best life you can, as long as you can, but do not expect to live to be old. Their strategy seems to be one of achieving an optimal quality of life, even if that life has a short duration. <br />
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Maybe, the suburbanites have just been fooled into believing that there was a different outcome for their lives. Perhaps we have just lived in a gilded cage; whilst the inner-city people have suffered directly and perhaps learned faster, about the horrors of the system, as a result. Perhaps they have learned that quality beats quantity. Longevity has it's place, but not if it is on your knees. The urban people seem to have learned this lesson. The suburbanites have been lulled into a false sense of security. "First, they came for..., and I said nothing." A repetitive epic, yes? We are the dumb ones. We are the fools. At least they did not work for the system that would ultimately enslave them, but opposed it. We are idiots!

i know exactly what u mean. when u desperately need someone theres no one there..i thought a neighbour was ok until 2 days ago ,all she is interested in is her own needs.im at my wits end and im not a young person and i feel like im banging my head against a brick wall. i just dont know which way to turn. so whether your young or old its the same

yeah the people i grew up with turned out to be two faced. When everything was good they were around but when they started to get sour they pulled a magic trick. Hopefully it's the poeple you meet at the bottom that are 'real'

I made this discovery when I was about your age. Most people you encounter from here on out will merely be aquainteces. You may be blessed to have one or two to concider truely friends. Over the upcoming years those friendships may change, too. For better or worse. Makes it tricky for confiding, doesn't it??!!