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The Reason I Couldn't Make Friends (in Real Life)..

Back there when i was in junior school, i was a pretty shy guy and did not talk with ANYONE.. My teachers used to think i have no voice(disabled) so they did not bothered.. I don't even remember the time when i was a child... My parents were very strict to me at those times because of the increasing trend of "love, sex and break-ups".. they did not wanted me to get spoiled or catch that "fever".  but u know?,, they actually trapped me inside the walls where i could stay alive easily and be in comfort with all those luxuries, but couldn't actually " live ",,,
Later when i failed in an important test in middle school age it was my first face-off against sadness and depression.. Parents were all busy with their work so i had no one to talk about it.. they just gave me sympathy but that was not enough.. when i went to the next standard people started behaving really awkward to me.. i was betrayed by them all the time and i still used to believe them every time because i was still unaware about the outside world.. They started to call me a "failure" and mock me with that word every time they had a discussion about studies  because i was not very good in them.. That made me feel like a failure..  i did not fight back because i was taught not to fight with outside people.. So all i did at that age was endured everything.. My teachers were unaware of this because i did not tell them anything..
later when i was done with that standard i changed my school and joined a better(international level) school with great teachers in it.. They actually tried to "know me" and "change me" from what i was, to a man i was supposed to be.. my grades started to improve significantly and soon enough i was the topper of my high school .. meanwhile in my school age i was not in any kind of relationship(felt awkward to be anywhere near girls) because that is how i was brought up.. I never had alcohol or smoked or used drugs.. The worst thing was i did not make friends.. Sure i was one of those perfect students in high school, but actually i was also a person feeling lonely inside.. i never used to talk with anyone(be it a guy, girl or teacher) on my own.. while everybody was busy taking drugs and smoke and be in relationships i was busy studying for exams and it was a selfless effort from me to pass this exam.. i thought these exams are important for my parents so i must pass them.. Meanwhile many good people tried to approach me and wanted to be my friend, but i did not know what are friends for and how "hanging out" was a fun thing to do.. So i did not pay attention to them and then they stopped asking me.. though i never  expressed them my views.. 
Now in 2012=> I'm the only one who topped from an international school, studying in a university accredited A+, studying a master level course at the same time while studying for university, known to be the best amateur artist of my school and university, practicing photography/ music as a side job, have dozens of REAL friends in real life and online and other few things.. 

The moral of this story is:-
If you continue your efforts towards the things you want in your life, regardless of the number of times you fail, you are not a "failure". 

Now I'm not at all ashamed to tell everyone that i was never a failure.. I was just a late bloomer.. 
Oh and Btw the ones who used to mock me are now in such a bitter position.. better not to say it here.. Xp
Mickey9871 Mickey9871 22-25, M 4 Responses Jul 26, 2012

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Love this: The moral of this story is:-
If you continue your efforts towards the things you want in your life, regardless of the number of times you fail, you are not a "failure"! Awesome!!!

Thanks buddy :)

I am glad you succeeded. As I've said on other stories of yours, you sound awesome!!

Thanks :)

Your story sounds like my son. He is very lonely, no friends, and when he thinks he has a friend they use him and hurt him, I would love if you can communate with him. He is around your age.

ur son?.. but u are around my age urself?

Very, very inspiring story. I think that while most people and most cultures accept that there will always be school angst, especially during the teen years, with all it's angst, grade pressure, and sexual/social confusion, you point out something in your story that all adults should take heed to: Even if you're lost with what your young son/daughter/relative/friend is studying, it is so important to take an interest in them and care. You're story has proven that that makes all the difference!

Yup!!.. if people care for each other they can all learn from each other and it will ensure the existence of humanity in this world.. :)