i moved back to my home town to be closer to not only my family, but what i thought were my true friends.

lately i've been questioning it, as they have all become fake and unwelcoming. i don't really feel that i have anyone i can actually be real with, and this makes me really angry. it seems that now that i don't drink/get drunk anymore, these people don't want anything to do with me.


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It is very upsetting when it feels as though your close friends have abandoned you. I too was going through a similar situation until I realized that it was me who has moved on. LIke most who have commented, I also use to party a lot but times have changed and I suppose I have other priorities. I know how it feels to be lonely and want companionship from someone who can trust and tell your worries to or your accomplishments but from what I have learned through time, is that my true best friend is my sister. In her I have learned to slowly build a relationship which can not compare to that of any girl/boy friend relationship that I might have. I am not saying that you have to be as close to your siblings or parents, I am saying that friendships take time as well as a little of commitment on your part. If those friends no longer come around or seem distance then it is for the best -- because friends should like you no matter what. Whether you are an alcoholic, a non-drinker, a slacker, a smoker or whatever. What we humans have that not many mammals have mastered is adaptation and if your friends can not adapt to your new way of life, then SCREW them . :-) Xxxx

I know how you feel. All my good high school friends moved out of state for college, and now im left alone, and it is impossible to make friends in college when everyone knows someone else.. I feel like i am always alone, and i have no one to talk to, which builds up a lot of stress. My best friend just came home to visit, and she didnt even tell me. and she said she will try to make some time to come by and see me.. that was like a knife through my stomach feeling.

it seems that the people that surround me succeeded in making friends when they were teenagers and kept the same circle of friends, and since i made no friends if HS, now in college it seems impossible making a few mates, just to hang with, everyone has some inconvinience and refuses to make an effort to make a new friend, and just keep their close circle without letting other person (me) inside their circle. damn them.

I have a feeling I'm in the rut you were right before you moved. I want to move back to my hometown cause the place i live in now just sucks with opportunity and there's no one here. :/ I live with my boyfriend who works all day, it's great with him but I just need some more friends! And I don't really remember my friends at home being all that great, my family is there but in the end I just want some true freaking friends to hang with.

im going through that same thing right now i have 2 friends that i used to hang out with and we would all have such a good time with each other. Now it seems it is just them all of the time and they want nothing to do with me. if you ever need a friend im here.

I can't stand superficial friends, it is hard to find real true friends.

me too. just the way it goes. all of my old friends are still partying and getting wild. glad i got out when i did. they are all kind of pathetic now.

I have the same problem, I am the first of my close friends to get pregnant and move away and ever since they don't really seem to want to talk to me. And I don't party like I did in HS, and they all still do, so we really don't have anything incommon anymore.