Found this site one afternoon after watching Love Drugs & Other Stuff, ( great film would recommend you watch it ) it kind of got me thinking though how the world to date has become quite materialistic, don't worry I'm not going to blab on about it too much it just seems now days people seem distant with each other using social networking sites probably a lil too much and it would seem alot on interaction has gone. Find myself most days checking facebook to see how my friends are doing and what their upto when in days gone by social networking wasn't the norm, and how much better for people it must have been to actually go see each other rather than watching their lives through a computer monitor.
Don't know really where I'm going with that statement ( I have random moments where I have something in my head and next minute can't quite get the idea of where i were going with it ) now I've wrote it but I think it did lead me here. I read some of the stories here and I from what I've read it seems that it's quite easy to get into a vicious circle that can lead to isolation to a point where interaction or just randomly having someone ask how your day has been seems to have dwindled into pretty much non existence.
So why am I typing this? Guess it's just to say whatever life throws at you, and however bad life may seem, don't loose face. There are good people out there and if someone has hurt you try and learn from it and move on. Takes time but it does get better. If you feel you have no one to talk too, reply here I'll listen. Can't promise I have the answers but sometimes just writing whats causing you grief, and having someone listen may help.
ShaneUK ShaneUK
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Un4tunately & I really don't want 2 have 2 say this but the txtng, the IM, &Email, &yes the WWW makes alotta of ppl short & technical w/ ea other! There r good ppl out here, we're just turning in2 a rare breed & we r so hard 2 find ea other that we have 2 come 2 a place like here 2 find ea other! True, honest, genuine ppl still exist (some of us r so hard 2 find cuz we're hiding under rocks & don't want 2 b found)! I'm here 4 u! Sherry

U know I really enjoyed reading what u wrote, I completely understand & agree w/ what u said about how ppl r these days towards ea other! Yeah & I'd also like 2 b able 2 tlk 2 some1 some time when there's something I'd like 2 throw out there myself! I'm here 4 u 2! Sherry

Hi Sherry,
Hope your well. Thanks for that I've been reading through some of the experiences people have had on here this evening and it's heartbreaking that some people have such isolation and believe that it's their fault for all that they have endured. With all the emphasis on social media today it does beg the question of how do people as a whole , deal with and help each other throughout ordeals and why in present times we've all shifted away from communities helping each other which seemed to be more rife 30+ years ago. Was before my time I know but when I hear the stories of how neighbours looked after each other and how some smaller impoverished places in present day still do so, yet the more " advanced " countries have lost this. I can't see how as a race we have lost this ideal or how it benefits anyone. Still in the mean time it's good to see there are people who do care on here and that we haven't lost all that makes us human just yet lol. Take care.