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I am a mom with a 3 year-old. I had an incipient career but then had the rug pulled out from underneath me, and lost my stability, my friends and income.
I ended up moving and my husband found a job in a city 4 hours away. I have been here one year and have been unable to find a job. I have no friends here to speak of. I have tried making female friends, to no avail. The only people that will give me the time of day are men with less than honorable intentions. This is a very close-minded community, and I am one of the few foreign-born people around. It is also clearly divided along racial lines and I am neither caucasian nor African American.
To make matters worse, my husband works Monday through Saturday and come Sunday all he wants to do is collapse on the couch and watch football. He does nothing with our son. Never takes us out. I haven't been on a date in over one year. I have to resort to taking my son out on "dates"...we are often seen at the zoo together, the movies, and even having dinner out Friday night as a "couple" or family might. I am very lonely and I crave adult companionship and conversation. Obviously I don't want to cheat on my husband, but I am soooo emotionally deprived (there's no romance, hardly no sex). I don't think I am being unreasonable. I know men hate it when women complain, whine etc. but I have told him how important it would be to me for him to take the time to romance me a little bit. Just take me to the movies once a month or something,
I have a few great friends but they live very far away, different parts of the country. We text everyday and it helps some, but there's nothing like "live" human interaction and connection.
My family is great, but they live 5,000 miles away. Any suggestions? Sorry if I sound like a downer. I'm usually not, but loneliness can play some sick jokes on you. xx
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Hi! No you don't sound like a downer, or unreasonable...quite Guess you are going to have to make a date with yourself ... Ask your husband to sit for your 3 year old so you something!

.... I get you, on the level of not much interaction with friends & family because you are the new kid on the block! I'm away from my loved one too. I live in a small ...can't call it a town.. it's a village. But I share your ..restlessness ... ants in the pants! That when I need a walk along the river.

Well .. I hope you can find some friends.. cyper-friends... here on EP... Yup... i can jabber with the best of them.
Take care and Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your response :)

Just sent you a friend add. Hope you'll take me up on it and feel free to correspond. I'd be happy to provide you with a sympathetic ear. Best Wishes!

Thank you Jenny, I messaged you.

When you told your husband how you were feeling what was his response? Is there any school based parent & children activities run by your childs school that maybe you could join in with, at least then maybe you could meet other parents which will give you some more adult conversations and interaction? If not what about ( if you have the time I know being a full time parent is a job's worth in itself ) maybe doing some volunteer work whilst your child is in school, you could then try and get a network of friends by doing that? Even if it's just an hour or so a week.

Those are good ideas, thank you:)

your welcome I hope it benefits you, and that things sort themselves out. Have a Merry Xmas